The parched earth

Like my heart

Begs to the sky

For mercy

For rain

Let the shower of love

Soothe the scars

Of battles fought


Let the shower of love

Heal the pain

Caused by hatred

And ease the bruises

Caused by violent fists

That lie broken

Beneath the rain

Of love

Of mercy.



The sweet, enchanting breeze

Caresses the lonely soul

As cruelty makes hearts freeze

And lost love fails to leave the heart whole


Her tresses coiled like venomous serpents,

As tears stained her face

Her eyes, liquid gold and brown

Were tinged with a shade of grey.

Her bosom heaved and her veins cracked

As she bared her teeth

And when she stood up

No storm could break her apart

No dagger could slice her heart

For with fire in her eyes

And with smoking feet, she rose

With bleeding wrists and her ashen face

She looked like what she always has been,

A disaster

Blaze 3

Wading my way through several overgrown bushes and plants, I followed Flare to a small clearing of the forest floor. He signalled me to stand back while he walked a couple a steps ahead of me into the middle of the clearing.

For a moment, the wind seemed to stop. Flare drew a deep breathe and chanted some words. An incantation, I thought. I wondered if Flare was a part of some cult. A ripple seemed to move through the forest.

Flare continued chanting, with his eyes shut and arms extended.

Suddenly, breaking through the noise came a deep rumble from beneath the ground. All around Flare, the earth cracked. And from these cracks, came out several black metal pillars. Pillar was a wrong word to describe it. Those monstrous things were several meters tall, taller than me. They were misshapen, broken and battered. Yet there was some power about them. Something that made my fingers tingle and my throat choke with emotion .

Finally, Flare opened his eyes and smirked at my expression. I shut my hanging mouth.

He came out from between the pillars. ‘Now, its your turn. Prove your worth.’ He muttered and shoved me

‘Ouch, what are you doing?!’ I exclaimed.

‘Go stand where I stood and close your eyes.’ He said idly, picking his tooth with a blade of grass.

I stepped ahead cautiously and did as he had told. I stood at the center of the structure, surrounded by the pillars. I did not know why but I suddenly felt anxious and tingly. I held my breath and closed my eyes. There was a pause. And then slowly, beginning faintly, I could feel warmth emanating from the pillars. Tristan gasped behind me. I opened my eyes immediately.

To my astonishment, the pillars were glowing. Red electric streaks of energy and spark emerged from the pillars and joined on the top forming a very scary, fiery and powerful ceiling like thing. I stared at it, dumbstruck. I was shaking all over.

And without warning, Flare bellowed, ‘The heir of Neira.’

For a moment the world seemed to stop. I truly believed Flare now. If their myth was true and Neira had been the queen of the world, was this clumsy girl really her heir?

Flare’s eyes were wide and fixed on my face. I began to hear faint sounds of footsteps echoing through the forest. And before I knew, a huge tribe of boys and girls, all in their late teens filed through amongst the tall trees of the forest.

Ohmigod! What is a whole tribe youth doing here in the forest?!

I looked at Flare. And suddenly, the streaks of power and energy stopped, leaving behind a shower of glittery, hot fiery sparks that bounced off my outline harmlessly. I stared awkawradly at the bunch of youth that had just appeared.

‘Umm….Hi’ I said awkwardly.

Suddenly Flare , whose eyes were wide as dinner plates, dipped onto his knees and fell to the ground. His tribe followed suit while I stood stupidly in the center.

Suddenly, all of them looked up at the skies and chanted. ‘The heir of Neira is here. The heir of Neira is here to liberate us.’ They chanted, their voice echoing eerily. We will rise. The Phoenix will rise from its ashes. The Heir of Neira is here.’

Blaze-part 2

I gawped at him for a long time.

And then I threw back my head and laughed. ‘What are you playing at?! You can’t fool me that easily. Control fire? Me? Ha!’ I screeched.

Flare stared at me somberly. ‘You may believe it, or not… but its the fact.’ he said.’Every Phoenix is born with the power to control fire. It’s power beyond measure. But, fire will not obey your wishes until a Phoenix gets hold of the Trident.’ I held Flare’s gaze for sometime. And then, I finally broke the awkward silence.

‘What is a Trident?’

‘No one really knows how it looks like. It is supposed to grant us the immense powers of controlling fire. No one who has seen the Trident is alive today to tell us about it.’

‘You mean that the Trident was found before?’ I asked him stupidly.

Flare looked at me strangely. ‘Found before? Are you kidding me? Don’t you know about the legend of Neira?’ He asked. I shook my head, feeling more and more stupid by the moment.

‘Neira is our ancestor and the queen of our world. Ancestor of all the Burners. Neira ruled the world with her power and prowess and created the Trident. Unfortunately, through treachery she was defeated and killed while the Trident was hidden by her enemies. Mind you, they couldn’t find a way to destroy the Trident, so they hid it somewhere in this forest, so that no Burner can find it. We cannot resurrect our powers without the Trident.’ He continued. ‘What’s more, only the true heir of Neira can bring out the real powers of the Trident.

There was pause. I was almost starting to believe Flare now.

‘So how are you planning on finding out the true heir of the queen?’ I asked crossing my arms.

‘For that we have a foolproof method.’ Flare said, as he led me into the depths of the forest.

Blaze -1

I stepped onto the forest floor, the dead leaves crinkling underneath my feet. The stillness of the forest at night was overwhelming to me. The darkness seemed to engulf me. I shivered slightly. I looked around, unsure of what to do.

It was just last night that my mom sent me away from home.

‘They are coming for you’ she had said. ‘I always knew this day would come…this wouldn’t have been how I had expected our adieu to be…but the time has come. You must leave. Leave before its too late.’

With that, I was pushed out of the home, with a hastily packed backpack and without a proper goodbye. I still do not understand who ‘they’ are, why they are after me or why should that mean that I should run away from my home and hide. Hey, home is where I used to be safe.

The sun was dawning. My stomach rumbled as I sat down on the forest floor, leaning against the bark of a tree. I pulled out a slice of mouldy bread from the rations in my bag and ate it hungrily. I hadn’t bought a lot of food, I knew I had to conserve my rations if I needed to survive long enough to find a reliable source of food. Suddenly out of the peripheral of my eye, I saw something blurry rush past. I looked up quickly.


This doesn’t seem right.

I peered around carefully. Suddenly, someone wrenched my neck back in a hard and painful way. I screamed in pain and alarm. My attacker held my head back, pressing hard on the back of neck, against the trunk of the tree. Was this is the “they” my mom spoke about?

‘Who are you?’came a rough male voice.

I struggled against the man’s grip. The grip around my neck tightened to an extent that I almost choked. I clawed at his hands in vain.

‘Fighting won’t help, intruder. Who are you? Why have you entered our territory?’

‘Ethne…Ethne Phoenix’ I managed to choke out. The grip around my neck loosened almost immediately. I grabbed my opportunity, sprung from the ground and spun around, ready to take on him one on one.

A handsome boy of around 17 stared back at me. His hair was chocolate brown and his eyes were liquid gold. He wore an expression of surprise on his face. I hadn’t expected the attacker to be so….well…normal.

‘Phoenix?’ He asked. ‘You are a Phoenix? You must be after the Trident too.’

I stared at him suspiciously. ‘Who are you?’ I shot at him rubbing my neck painfully.

‘Flare. And sorry, about your neck.’ I ignored his apology. ‘And what in the world are you doing here?’ I asked.

‘The same as you. After the Trident .’ He answered matter-of-factly. There was a pause.

‘What is a Trident?’

He paused and stared at my face as though he thought I was fooling around.

‘You…you don’t know what the Trident is?’ He asked. ‘No. What is it?’ I asked curiously.

‘You are lying, aren’t you. You either aren’t a Phoenix or are lying.’

‘I am not lying. C’mon tell me what it is!’

Flare let out a sigh. ‘This is going to be difficult…’ he said. ‘I don’t know if I am the right person to tell you this…’

‘Spit it out, already.’ I said tapping my foot impatiently.

‘Fine…let me see…first of all, do you know that you can control fire?’